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The Consulting Arborist Society website is a resource for the general public to use in order to quickly find suitably trained and experienced Tree Consultants capable of offering reports to satisfy a range of specific problems. Including the ARBORICULTURAL MORTGAGE & INSURANCE USERS GROUP whose members supply tree reports covering issues relating to mortgages and insurance.

The Institute of Chartered Foresters is the professional body for foresters and arboriculturists throughout the UK.

The Institute is regulated by its Royal Charter, Bylaws and Regulations, and is required to maintain and uphold a Code of Ethics and rules of Professional Conduct. The Institute sets and maintains the standards for the profession and safeguards the public interest in matters relating to forests, woodlands and trees.

The Institute regulates the standards of entry to the profession, offers examinations for professional qualifications and keeps under review the status of Chartered Foresters and the profession. The practice is registered on the list of members in Consultancy practice.

The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) is the worlds largest group of professional arborists with over 14,000 members distributed throughout 38 "chapters" across the 5 continents.

The ISA operates in the United Kingdom & Ireland via the UK&I Chapter. The Chapter formed in 1992 to represent the UK based professional arborist and to promote an international platform for the advancement of the science of arboriculture.

The Arboricultural Association, which was founded in 1964, is the trade body in the UK for the amenity tree care professional in either civic or commercial employment at craft, technical, supervisory, managerial or consultancy level. There are currently over 2,000 members of the Arboricultural Association in a variety of membership classes.
The objective of the Arboricultural Association is:“to advance the science of Arboriculture for the public benefit”

The Forestry Commission are the government department responsible for the protection and expansion of Britain's forests and woodlands.

The Society of Biology is the professional body for UK biologists. It was founded in 1950, obtained a Royal Charter in 1979, and is a registered charity. Its 14,000 members work in industry, research, education and healthcare, amongst other areas.

The Society For The Environment aspires to be the leading and co-ordinating professional body in environmental matters and a pre-eminent champion of a sustainable environment. The Society will achieve this by nurturing and harnessing the combined resources, knowledge, expertise and achievements of the professional and learned bodies which are its Members.

The Linnean Society of London remains the leading forum for contemporary discussions on genetics, natural history, systematics, biology and the history of plant and animal taxonomy. As the world's oldest extant biological society, we are also proud of our heritage. Founded in 1788, the Society takes its name from the Swedish naturalist Carl Linnaeus (1707-1778), whose botanical and zoological collections and library have been in our keeping since 1829.



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