Arboricultural Mortgage & Insurance Reports

We undertake Arboricultural Mortgage and Insurance reports for home owners as licensed professional members of the Arboricultural Mortgage and Insurance Users group (AMIUG) which forms part of the Consulting Arborist Society (CAS).

The practice also provides consultancy for Building Societies, Insurance companies and Loss adjusters.

Well maintained and appropriately sited trees and hedges provide wide-ranging amenity value and can significantly add to the value of a property whilst diseased or inappropriate trees can jeopardize people or property.

Arboricultural surveys are usually recommended in the first instance by property surveyors who are concerned about the juxtaposition of the property and the trees. Consequently mortgage lenders and insurers often require an assessment of the risks to minimise their exposure to any financial loss when advancing mortgages or insurance.

A number of differing levels of report are available, but for homebuyers a preliminary level report will assess whether the property is within the influencing distance of the nearby trees in relation to the structural integrity of the property, light structures (i.e. walls, patios) & health & safety. Given the nature of home buying the report can be available within a few days from instruction.


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