Tree Health

Tree Structure Analysis

We undertake evaluations of trees for safety and management purposes which are tailored to the requirements of the client and the tree. Climbing inspections are undertaken when necessary and decay detection using a variety of techniques are employed.

We have a state of the art  IML Resistograph instrument which measures the density of the wood and detects cracks , voids, cavities and decay inside a tree and root system. Analysis of the data reflects the structural condition of the tree which is available as a detailed read out on site and can be further studied using specialist scientific software which produces a comprehensive evaluation as below.

Also available are a variety of Siebert micro drills which also accurately measure wood density and condition.

We also undertake non-destructive evaluation of wooden structures and beams to provide a quantative analysis of decay.


Pests & Disease

Tree disease diagnosis and management, identification of pathogens, fungi and abiotic problems and advice as to their treatment or remedial action is offered.


Laboratory analysis can be arranged including chlorophyll fluorescence testing which can identify problems such as salt poisoning and herbicide damage.




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Certified Arborist Society

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